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Dezeen seeks designers for London exhibition

London Design Festival 2011: Dezeen is looking for 30 young and upcoming designers to showcase their work at Dezeen Space, a project we're hosting at a gallery in Shoreditch, London this autumn.

Each designer’s work will be featured for a period of 24 hours as part of an ever-changing exhibition called Dezeen Platform.

Each day, Dezeen will document the work and interview the designer, publishing a new story on and/or our video website for the duration of the month-long exhibition.

Dezeen Platform will consist of a 1 x 1 metre space within the gallery; designers of any discipline will be invited to use this space however they like, for example by showing products or creating a temporary installation.

Use of the space will be free of charge.

The feature will be part of Dezeen Space, an experimental, multi-purpose space curated by Dezeen at 54 Rivington Street from 17 September to 16 October. Dezeen Space runs concurrently with London Design Festival, London Fashion Week and Frieze Art Fair.

Dezeen Space will also feature a pop-up shop, a video studio and will be the launch venue for Dezeen’s first book, as well as hosting impromptu events and happenings.

For more details on Dezeen Space visit:

Designers interested in showcasing their work on Dezeen Platform should send sketches or photos illustrating their proposal along with a brief text description and links where appropriate, together with an indication of their preferred dates to [email protected].

Important: please write “Dezeen Platform” in the subject line.

Note: slots will be allocated at Dezeen’s discrection. The earlier you submit your application, the better. Successful designers will be responsible for delivering, setting up and removing their work and will be expected to sign a written undertaking that they will adhere to a pre-agreed schedule.

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