Decorex International 2011

Decorex International 2011

Dezeen promotion: furniture and lighting designers including Russel Pinch (above), La Dune and Diffuse will exhibit prototypes at trade show Decorex International in London from 25 to 28 September 2011.

Decorex International 2011

Top and above: furniture by Pinch Designs

The show takes place annually and showcases a hand-picked selection of products for interiors.

Decorex International 2011

Above: lighting by Diffuse

Decorex International will open from 25 to 28 September 2011 at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London SW3.

Decorex International 2011

Above: screen by La Dune

Trade visitors can save £10 by registering in advance. Click here to buy tickets.

Decorex International 2011

Above: handmade wallpaper by Fromental

Here's some more information from Decorex:

It could be argued that a prototype is in effect a sort of bespoke item – with each shape and form carefully drawn by hand, then designed and refined using a CAD programme, which is then physically created in whatever material to achieve a finished article; at which point the factory will use this as a template to work from to the designers specifications and materials to create multiples.


However, leaving the factory part to one side, this is exactly the process that any bespoke designer will go through to create their one-off pieces – only that the ‘prototype’ will be the finished article. Time, labour, materials and the finish are just some of the features that sets a bespoke piece apart.

In an era of mass production, the opportunity and demand to create individual pieces or designs has never been greater. Pinch Designs is one such company that creates hand-made pieces in the UK to order, thus providing a flexibility that’s just not possible in a mass production route. While Fromental, the wallpaper specialists, offer what they consider to be called ‘couture for clients walls’, providing hand-painted and embroidered wallpapers to commission. Diffuse porcelain lighting will create statement lighting pieces, according to the size and proportion of any space, a service that runs alongside their standard collections. Even Ben Whistler who have established a reputation for their hand-made furniture, can either customize their standard pieces of furniture to fit in with a designer’s plan, whether by using different dimensions, seating comfort, wood stains or finishes, or can create unique, one-off pieces.

With bespoke, the design possibilities are endless, whatever the shape or form, and a show like Decorex highlights this.

Dates: Sunday 25 September to Wednesday 28 September 2011
Location: The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London SW3

Opening hours - trade only:

Sunday 25 September: 10am – 6pm
Monday 26 September: 10am – 7pm
Tuesday 27 September: 10.00am–7.00pm
Wednesday 28 September: 10.00am–5.00pm

Opening hours - general public:

Tuesday 27 September: 1.00pm–7.00pm.

Tickets for trade visitors are £15 per ticket for pre-registered trade visitors and £10 for an additional colleague; otherwise £25 per ticket on the door. Tickets for the general public are £30 each.

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