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CSYS by Jake Dyson

CSYS by Jake Dyson

London Design Festival: industrial designer Jake Dyson presented an LED task light with a heat-pipe cooling system at designjunction last week.

CSYS by Jake Dyson

The CSYS light is inspired by construction cranes.

CSYS by Jake Dyson

A copper pipe conducts heat away from the light source, ensuring greater longevity and brightness from the high intensity LEDs. 

CSYS by Jake Dyson

The lamp is adjustable on three axis and includes a touch-sensitive dimmer switch with light level memory.

CSYS by Jake Dyson

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Here are some more details from the designer:

Heat technology makes the new CSYS LED desk light cool

On 21 September 2011, Jake Dyson will launch the new CSYS LED task light at designjunction, during London Design Festival.  The CSYS LED task light is a dimmable LED lamp that marries the latest technology with sleek design and also addresses environmental concerns.  Jake Dyson and his team have considered current issues with existing LED lights and CFLs (energy saving lights), and are proud to present CSYS as the solution. The CSYS LED task light features a clever application of heat pipe technology that will ensure sustainable quality performance of the LEDs for over 160,000 hours continual use, which equates to up to 37 years.  This technology maintains the quality of the light and good colour rendition, for a vastly increased lifespan.

Jake Dyson says “There is a discernible lack of reliability and innovation in existing LED desk lights.  Current issues in this area include: poor heat management; weak light distribution; light colour erosion; and a lack of comfortable, warm white colour.  This is making consumers and industry alike cautious about committing to this technology in lighting.  We have managed to address all of these problems and believe that CSYS will truly change people’s minds about LED lighting.”

CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) are the energy saving option that the government recommends, but they have inherent problems such as mercury content, health and landfill disposal issues.  CSYS will provide a cleaner more sustainable mode of lighting, by using the latest high intensity warm white LEDs with a clever cooling system to keep them running brightly and efficiently, for a much longer life span – in fact, for life.  The CSYS LED desk light requires no replacement bulbs, has no mercury content and therefore reduces environmental damage.  And at only 8W the CSYS task light is five times more energy efficient than a comparable halogen bulb.

The new light also promises flexible and precise light direction as it adjusts smoothly and effortlessly through three axes.  It challenges the status quo of mechanical movement of existing lighting.  The spread and the intensity of light can be controlled to your working area and its optical design minimises glare.

The CSYS LED desk light remains true to Jake Dyson’s desire for well-considered, highly engineered and beautifully structured design, as well as his obsession with visual motion mechanics.  It is the result of 18 months of research and development into thermal management systems in order to bring the heat pipe technology used in satellites and processor chips to LED lighting, with huge benefits.

CSYS will be available from Jake Dyson Products direct – go to  And also from respected design and lighting retailers – contact us for further details.

About Jake Dyson Products:

Jake studied Industrial Design at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. He graduated in 1994 and began work designing retail interiors, working on shops, cafes and clubs. Jake then set up his own workshop, purchasing a mill and a lathe and started experimenting and developing products setting up his company in 2004. His studio and workshop are now based in Clerkenwell.  Other successful products designed and manufactured by Jake Dyson Products include the iconic  Motorlight Floor and Motorlight Wall.

About designjunction:

Following its debut appearance at the Milan Furniture Fair, designjunction is set to be the premier destination at this year’s London Design Festival, bringing together a stellar line-up of 30 international furniture and lighting brands.

Under the creative direction of celebrated British designer Michael Sodeau, designjunction will take over central London’s Victoria House Basement, where brands such as Modus, Hitch Mylius, Cappellini, Swedese, Benchmark, Another Country, Anglepoise, Jake Dyson and Bocci will exhibit their wide and varied collections.