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"Pay minimum wage to all interns" - British Institute of Interior Design

Dezeen Wire:
the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has recommended that all interior design interns are paid at least the statutory minimum wage.

The move follows a change in the RIBA’s Chartered Practice criteria, reported on Dezeen Wire earlier this summer, requiring all UK architects to pay statutory minimum wage to students on placements.

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Here are some more details from BIID:

Pay minimum wage to all interns, recommends BIID

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has recommended that all interior design practice interns are “paid at least the minimum wage” in an internship policy statement produced to provide clarity and guidance for BIID members.

“Internships are on the rise in all industries, including interior design” says BIID President, Diana Yakeley. “We recognise that they can be highly beneficial to both interns and employers. However, the practice does raise significant legal and financial issues. The BIID’s policy statement provides clear advice on these matters. Whilst recognising that each interior design practice must make their own decision on the issue, it sets out our view that a written agreement should be in place to define the relationship between employers and interns. The Institute also recommends that all interns should be paid at least the minimum wage”.

The BIID policy statement stresses that “any form of internship given must be as beneficial and constructive as possible”. It provides guidance on the rights of interns and their entitlement to pay under the law. The policy statement also explains the differences between work experience and internship.

View or download a copy of the BIID policy statement here.

The BIID fully supports the Best Practice Code for High-Quality Internships, developed by the Gateways to the Professions Collaboration Forum, a government advisory group. This document is available for download at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills website.


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