Critics review OMA/Progress at the Barbican

Dezeen Wire: last week Dezeen reported on the opening of a new exhibition examining the creative processes of architecture practice OMA at the Barbican. Here's what the critics have been saying about the show.

Writing in The Observer, architecture critic Rowan Moore describes the volume of exhibits on display as "opaque and baffling" before summarising the overall result as "a display of fierce energy and intelligence."

In The Telegraph, the exhibition's curators, Belgian collective Rotor, explain how they tackled the problem of representing architecture in an exhibition by presenting "a story of struggle and entanglement with the world as it really is, rather than with a world made to look good in pictures."

In a review for Wallpaper magazine, Ellie Stathaki compares the stripped-back presentation style to a "construction site" before praising the exhaustive nature of the selection, which organises the exhibits around different aspects of the design process.

There are interviews with Rem Koolhaas filmed at the exhibition on Dezeen Screen and you can see all of our previous stories about OMA here.


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