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One Year Ago...

This time last year architects Planning Korea designed a futuristic media bridge that resembled a string of bubbles, while the Dutch Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo won the best project at the Dutch Design Awards 2010, despite one of our readers commenting that "the Netherlands is represented here like a crazy playground!"

Less flamboyant projects that proved popular included a temple in India built by villagers using local stone, a zig-zagging extension joining the two halves of a school in southern Spain and a minimal Japanese house with a double-height glazed void in the centre.

Established & Sons filmed designers creating installations in a day at their Mayfair gallery and French designer Nelly Ben Hayoun proposed a new entertainment concept: a mini volcano that could erupt in your living room at any time.

The RIBA opposed plans by the Prince's Foundation to take over the design review responsibility from CABE, which was to close due to spending cuts.

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