Government seeks designers' views on copyright

Dezeen Wire:
 UK designers have two more days to take part in a government survey aimed at improving intellectual property laws.

The survey, part of a call for evidence by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), will form part of a government review of law covering design in the UK and follows the Hargreaves Review - an independent report published in May this year which looked at how the IP framework supports growth and innovation.

There are concerns that UK designers' work is not as well protected as that of designers in other countries. The IPO says: "There are questions about the extent to which the design industry is properly supported by the Intellectual Property Framework".

Anti Copying in Design (ACID), an organisation that raises awareness of copying and helps designers prevent having their ideas stolen, is urging designers to take part in the survey. It told its members: "We need your own examples of copying issues - real, hard evidence to support the case for policy improvements".

Design contributes an estimated £33 billion to the UK economy, or 2.4% of GDP.

Designers have until 11 November to complete the 10-minute survey or respond to the IPO's call for evidence.

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