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One year ago

One year ago...

At the start of 2011 two of our most popular stories were about sex toys. New online brand Made to Pleasure invited customers to customise the shape of their toys, while designer Marc Dibeh designed one that discreetly tucks into the side of a bedside lamp.

A few designers started to look forward to the imminent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton by designing unofficial commemorative plates, and a group of students constructed an igloo-shaped pavilion from cardboard hoops.

Meanwhile, a wooden house filled with bridges and platforms sparked a debate about safety and we revealed images of a Maggie's Centre designed by London architects MJP.

We featured a flexible wooden stool that readers thought might bruise or pinch their bottoms, a pair of lamps that each hold one end of a fluorescent tube and then rounded up the week with a set of medieval teapots.