This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

This week Marc Newson unveiled the camera he designed for Japanese brand Pentax and Nike launched a wristband that can tell whether you've done any exercise. Meanwhile, Austrian designer Nina Levett caused a stir with a trio of provocative videos that show her at work in her studio.

Zaha Hadid signed an agreement to design new headquarters for an Iraqi bank, whilst the Royal College of Art in London announced that architect Charles Walker and designer Ab Rogers will be leading their architecture and interior design departments in the forthcoming summer term.

A large metal slide convinced a few readers that they'd like to work at Lego's Denmark office, but some felt that spending a few days at the bright red psychiatric centre we published would send anyone crazy. However the majority were unimpressed with the "unrealistic" competition-winning proposals for a mirrored stone-like building on a site believed to have once been the legendary kingdom of Camelot.

We revealed images of a 35-storey tower that Foster + Partners recently completed in Canada, as well as a horse-riding arena that looks like a giant bird’s nest and a bulging bamboo observation tower that connects to six miles of jungle treetop bridges. Finally, we featured clothing fabricated from dolphin-skin leather, woven horse hair and spider’s silk extracted from a gland implanted in a goat.

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