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Dezeen Music Project

Dezeen Music Project

Today we're launching Dezeen Music Project, a new initiative to promote new, original music by young and upcoming musicians.

Dezeen will publish selected tracks on our new music project blog and a new track will be featured each week on the audio player in the right-hand column of our home page. We'll also use submitted tracks at Dezeen events (parties, pop-up shops etc) and as soundtracks to our movies.

The first tracks submitted will be used in Milan next month, where we're setting up a TV studio, powered by Jambox, at Tom Dixon's MOST exhibition - more details here.

The initiative follows the success of our collaboration with Jambox last year, where tracks submitted by Dezeen readers were played at the JamScape exhibition in Milan. The project was shortlisted for an award at the Elita music festival.

If you're a musician, composer or sound artist and would like us to feature your tracks, all you have to do is upload them to our Soundcloud account (please make sure you change the sharing settings for uploaded tracks from private to public and make them available to download, otherwise we will not be able to embed them on Dezeen or use them in our projects). We'll then make a regular selection of our favourites.

We are happy to feature music of all genres, including dance tracks, atmospheric soundscapes etc. Please note however that instrumental tracks are more likely to be featured than tracks with vocals. It is also essential that artists own all legal rights to the tracks they submit (see full copyright note below).

The copyright of the tracks remains with the artist and Dezeen will provide a full credit and link each time we use a track.

Copyright note: copyright remains with the artist and artists will be fully credited. Artists must own all legal rights to the works they submit or have full written permission of the rights holder. By submitting works, artists warrant that they have such legal rights or full written permission and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dezeen against any claims to the contrary. Artists give full permission for Dezeen to use their works as set out above under a Creative Commons licence or similar. Artists must notify Dezeen in writing at the time of submittal about any restrictions regarding the use of submitted works: [email protected]

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