Final debateat Me Craft/You Industry

Closing our series of three movie extracts from the Me Craft/You Industry symposium held by Dutch design organisation Premsela in January, here's part of the final debate focussing on how the proliferation of free software, open-source hardware and peer-to-peer technology will lead to a synthesis of craft and industry, where individuals can use a global production system to create the bespoke goods that they need locally.

Moderated by Hans Kennepohl, the discussion includes (left to right) designer Jurgen Bey, software developer and hacker Smári McCarthy, philosopher Henk Oosterling and professor of geography and urban planning Pieter Tordoir.

Other films we've featured from the symposium include Smári McCarthy talking about what the design industry can learn from the music industry and designer Kieren Jones explaining how he built a mini factory in his garden for processing the waste products from roast chickens.

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