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Cubit modular shelving system

Cubit modular shelving system

Dezeen promotion: the Cubit modular shelving system is specifically designed for the standard dimensions of music and books.

Cubit modular shelving system

Each module has a groove in the back so they can easily be jointed with an insert and no tools, while brackets mount them simply to a wall.

Cubit modular shelving system

An online "configurator" helps customers design their own layout, or Cubit can put you in touch with an interior designer.

Cubit modular shelving system

See customers' photos of their installed systems on the Cubit website.

Here are some more details from Cubit:

Boxing Clever – Cubit Modular Shelving System

Cubit is a patented modular storage system. It is simple, functional, easy to install and incredibly cheap. Cubit comes in 21 sizes and 8 depths, all of which can interlock or be used alone. You can buy one or 1001. Cubit storage is ideal for awkward areas (like under the stairs) or for making a bold storage statement using an entire wall. Cubit is a high quality German concept and prices start from 22 € for a CD24 module.

It’s so easy to use and it has a world of infinite possibilities. Customising and creating bespoke configurations can be done at the drop of a hat, whether you want lean, mean linear shelving for your minimal space or a quirky configuration to house your vintage collectibles.

Cubit comes ready made – so no self-assembly is required. No tools are required to join Cubits together.

Cubit boxes can be configured to whatever design you want, to match any budget. You can start with one and build your collection or you can design your own storage area. You can use them at home or in the office – Cubit can be used anywhere that storage is needed.

On the Cubit website you can see a vast array of customers installations to inspire you. There is also an easy to follow step-by-step planner to help determine how many units are required for your room. It couldn't be easier.

Cubit launched in Germany to huge success in October 2008 and have sold 55,000 units to date.

Cubit has been awarded 3rd best interior design solution by architecture magazine DETAIL in April 2011.

You can buy Cubit boxes in a variety of sizes starting at 22 € each (for Cubit CD24: 24L x 16H x 17.2Dcms).