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Report highlights positivity in UK office furniture market

Dezeen Wire:
 a report that contradicts our earlier story about the UK entering a double-dip recession claims there is cautious optimism among companies in the UK office furniture market, who are anticipating increased sales in 2012.

The report, by information services provider JSA Consultancy Services, claims the positive attitude among firms reflects a recent upturn in sales, although concerns remain about the impact of the ongoing financial crisis.

Here is some more detail from JSA Consultancy Services:

New report highlights more optimism in the UK office furniture market

Firms in the UK office furniture market are cautiously optimistic about trading conditions for 2012 according to a new report from JSA Consultancy Services, a global leader in consultancy and information services for the sector.

The survey of UK based companies reflects the recent upturn in sales and a more positive response to perceived threats on trading conditions, such as internet sales and the commoditisation of products.

The highlights of the report indicate that the majority of the 40 firms surveyed are:

        • Cautiously optimistic that their sales will increase during the current year.
        • Concerned that there are ongoing structural difficulties to overcome including difficult economic conditions.
        • Frustrated at the enduring low selling price expectations from customers.
        • Relaxed about the growth in internet sales as a proportion of the market.


Commenting on the results, JSA partner John Sacks said: ‘It’s too early to claim that we are out of the woods, but it’s heartening to see that firms believe we are over the worst of it and that they expect trading conditions to improve in the near future.As confidence in the sector returns, it is to be hoped that the downward pressure on prices will be resisted by suppliers as they return to marketing on the basis of the value they add to the products and services demanded by customers.’