One year ago...


This time last year MVRDV architect Winy Maas was awarded the highest decoration of honour in FranceUNStudio opened a pavilion in New York's Battery Park and we revealed what it looks like inside Skype's Stockholm offices.

In other news, fuseproject launched a grating tool for making hot cacao that clips onto the side of a mug and West 8 completed a "Garden of 10,000 Bridges" that suspiciously seemed to contain just five.

Dezeen readers were busy debating whether a library with shelves for walls would be constantly full of dust and also if its swastika-shaped desks were appropriate. They were also full of praise for a Puma store where sneakers appear to be walking up sets of stairs.

Our most popular story of the week featured a glazed house that was rumoured to be the villain's home in a Hollywood blockbuster and one reader thought a wooden house full of holes was something Mies Van der Rohe could have designed for the set of The Lord of the Rings.

We also published the first of six artists' studios to be completed on a scenic island off the coast of Canada. One year later three more have now been finished, and we've been reporting on them here.

On Dezeen Screen we published movies about some of the best projects we'd filmed at Ventura Lambrate in Milan, which included an expanding plastic sofa and a series of vases and lamps made from recycled flip-flops.

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