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One year ago...

One year ago...

One year ago a lot of architecture and design seemed to be centred around love and sex, as we featured a coin-operated wedding machine, a mask for clamping mouths together and a couple of architectural installations that resembled parts of the female anatomy.

Doppelgänger by Didier Faustino

The pink AutoWed machine was popular with readers, many of whom were keen to get their own pair of plastic wedding rings and personalised receipt, while Didier Faustino's two-person mask (above) was considered a little too kinky and impersonal for most.

Red Town Office by Taranta Creations

We also published an office with a labia-like staircase, followed by a set of giant womb-like orbs (above) that visitors could climb inside.

+ Pool by Family and PlayLab

Also that week, plans were unveiled for a floating swimming pool on New York's rivers (above) and industrial designers Priestmangoode came up with a concept for high-speed trains that would transfer passengers while still moving (below).

Moving Platforms by Priestmangoode

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