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Building a design brand by Mirko van den Winkel

Dezeen Wire:
design brand strategist Mirko van den Winkel has published a free-to-download essay called Building a design brand, setting out why so few young design brands achieve financial success and offering advice on how to succeed - download the essay.

"Why do so few bright, young, starting design-brands actually make it?" says van den Winkel, who has worked with brands including Moroso and Established & Sons. "They often receive a lot of free press, exhibitions, even financial support, but rarely manage to grow and become a real brand."

"What blocks them? Why did few others make it? Based on my experience as manager and as consultant I have written an analysis also including a lot of examples and some conclusions/lessons for young designers/entrepreneurs, for experienced managers in the business and for design-promoters."

If you are interested please download your free copy here: