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"Design can turn a small company into a large one"- Credit Suisse Research

Dezeen Wire:
Zurich financial services company Credit Suisse has published a report on the benefits that successful design brings to businesses, including a case study on Apple.

The findings are presented in the latest issue of the firm's biannual publication Global Investor, available to download here.

Here's some more information from Credit Suisse Research:

Credit Suisse Global Investor: "Design – Form and Function"

New Issue of the Publication Global Investor Focuses on Design

Credit Suisse Research has published its latest issue of the Global Investor publication. It explores the link between design and business. Successful design can turn a small company into a large one, or make a struggling second-ranker the dominant player. The publication's coverage includes a report on a case study of the way that Apple has used design to transform its fortunes, as well as interviews with people involved in design within companies.

The "Design – Form and Function" issue of the Global Investor can be ordered in the Credit Suisse Publication Shop. The publication is also available for download at the Global Investor website.

Published every six months, the Global Investor offers in-depth expertise on current topics and deals with long-term trends and their influence on global economics, the financial markets and investments.