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Illoiha Omotesando climbing wall by Nendo

Five years ago...

Five years ago designers were injecting an element of fun into their projects: Nendo created a climbing wall of picture frames (above) at a fitness club, while architects BIG designed a winter resort hotel where guests could ski down the roof (below).

Hafjell Mountain Hotel by BIG

The hotel was never constructed, but the idea has reappeared in a couple of BIG's projects since then, including another hotel and an energy plant.

Ornamented Life by Joana Meroz

Meanwhile, plumbing hardware made an appearance in a few designers' projects, as Joana Meroz launched a collection of plates with drains and rubber plugs (above) and Nick Fraser used pipes and taps to create a wall-mounted coat and shoe rack (below).

Hall Stand by Nick Fraser

And finally artist Lisa Rienermann was applauded by Dezeen readers for photographing an alphabet formed of shapes buildings make against the sky (below). One commenter described the project as "beguiling, intelligent and very cute".

Type the Sky by Lisa Rienermann

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