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Movie: Nike Flyknit Racer shoes

Movie: in this second movie from our series in anticipation of an exclusive event we’re hosting at the Nike+ House of Innovation on Thursday, Nike‘s global creative director for the Olympics Martin Lotti explains how they created the Nike Flyknit Racer running shoe with an upper that's knitted like a sock.

Flyknit running footwear  by Nike - blue

First unveiled in February, the shoes have almost seamless uppers that are made in one piece to eliminate waste. Threads with differing properties are combined to give more stretch in some areas and more rigidity in others.

Nike Flyknit running shoes

Read more about the design in our earlier story and watch Lotti explain the bobbly Nike Pro TurboSpeed suit that's designed to move through the air faster than skin in our earlier movie here.

Nike Flyknit running shoes

Thursday's event at the Nike+ House of Innovation will feature Lotti in conversation with Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about the brand’s latest innovations for the London 2012 games - find out more details here.

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