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This week on Dezeen our readers have been obsessing over safety, with a tirade of comments demanding handrails and balustrades for a house with holes in the walls and floors (above) and concerns for the stability of a deck chair with no back legs (below).

Curt deck chair by Bernhard Burkard

Two commenters are even terrified by the idea of cats attacking from nooks in a bookcase-cum-staircase (below).

House in a Pine Wood by Sundaymorning and Massimo Fiorido Associati

Meanwhile the London 2012 Olympics storm on and we've been running a series of movies commissioned by Nike all about designing sportswear, culminating in a talk last night with Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs and the brand’s global creative director for the Olympics Martin Lotti.

Nike+ House of Innovation at Selfridges

As the Olympics draw to a close on Sunday attention is turning to the future, with plans to develop housing at the Olympic Park unveiled yesterday and a design for new taxi cabs in the city (below).

NV200 London Taxi by Nissan

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