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Jerusalem skyscrapers by Farhi Zafrir Architects

Israeli government approves plans for 12 new skyscrapers in Jerusalem

Dezeen Wire: Israel's interior ministry has approved a major construction plan for Jerusalem which includes 12 new skyscrapers, reports the Jerusalem Post.

It is hoped that the scheme will boost the city's economy and provide around 40,000 jobs. The plans were passed without opposition, but deputy mayor Yosef 'Pepe' Alalu voiced concern that the buildings were too high. “It could be that we’re succeeding with employment and housing, but we’re destroying the nature of Jerusalem,” he said.

Jerusalem skyscrapers by Farhi Zafrir Architects

The buildings will be between 24 and 33 storeys high and offer a mix of business premises, government offices and private apartments. One tower will be a 2,000-room hotel while two of the towers will be occupied by the government.

Jerusalem skyscrapers by Farhi Zafrir Architects

The development was proposed by Farhi Zafrir Architects, who told Dezeen that the focus of the design process has so far been on public spaces such as streets and piazzas. The buildings in these images give an impression of their arrangement and the eventual layout of the streets below, but there is no further detail regarding the architecture of the buildings as yet.

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