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"This biennale isn't an X Factor of who's hot right now" - David Chipperfield

Dezeen Wire: this year's Venice Architecture Biennale isn't about the genius of any single architects, director David Chipperfield explained today at the press preview of the exhibition.

"In the last 20 years there has been a pressure on architects to create the spectacular and unusual," he said. However in the wake of the financial crisis, he feels that "now is the moment to take stock of what architecture is for and what it means," rather than concentrating on the singular talents of the architectural protagonists.

He suggested that architects could now turn their attention towards schools and housing, rather than the museums, opera houses and other moments of "architectural performance" that have held the spotlight in recent years. "Architecture depends on the ground on which it is sown," he said, "and in recent years we've neglected that."

When questioned on the inclusion of star architects such as Zaha Hadid he declared ""this biennale isn't just an X Factor of who's hot right now," and said that he thinks her contribution is one of the nicest representations of her work, as it "shows where her ideas come from."

Chipperfield also discussed how he feels society mistrusts architects, which is why this year's theme of Common Ground is focused on what architecture can give socially. "I genuinely believe that every architect exhibiting at this biennale believes that they are making a contribution to society," he said.

The Venice Architecture Biennale is open to the public from 29 August to 25 November.

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