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Gate to the East tower image by RMJM Architects

RMJM skyscraper dubbed 'big pants' by Chinese – Telegraph

Dezeen Wire: a new skyscraper in Suzhou designed by British architects RMJM has been likened to 'giant underpants' by Chinese commentators, reports the Telegraph.

Update 6 September 2012: RMJM have sent an official response to our story, saying "While some critics view the unfinished skeleton as a laughable pair of low-rise jeans, the gateway is a far cry from a joking matter." For the full statement, scroll down to the comments section or click here.

The two-legged Gate to the East tower, which is due to be completed by the end of the year, has come under attack from Chinese media outlets and bloggers. "Is it an arch or just plain pants?" asked a recent front page of the Shanghai Daily, while the state-run news agency Xinhua quoted a Chinese blogger who wrote: “Why does China look like the playground of foreign designers with laughable architecture ideas?”

The 300 metre high RMJM skyscraper has been billed by the architects as an "iconic gateway" to Suzhou, 45 miles west of Shanghai.

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