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Broad Sustainable Building skyscraper

World's tallest skyscraper to be built with ready-made 'Meccano' pieces

News: a Chinese company plans to build the world's tallest skyscraper in just seven months using pre-fabricated components slotted together like a Meccano toy.

Above: photograph is by Noah Sheldon

Construction firm Broad Sustainable Building has already successfully demonstrated its approach on a smaller scale by constructing a 30-storey tower in 15 days, but now the company has set its sights on erecting a 220-storey tower in just seven months.

Broad Sustainable Building

Above: Broad's 30-storey tower during construction last year

On completion, the skyscraper would be taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and include schools, a hospital, 17 helipads and apartments for over 30,000 people. The foundation is scheduled to be laid in November with a completion date set for March 2013.

Traditional building methods waste both time and materials, Broad's CEO Zhang Yue argues. His pre-fabricated towers are designed with a different load-bearing structure, which uses less concrete and steel and can be produced in the safe confines of the factory, ensuring consistent quality.

Broad Sustainable Building, photo by Reuters Terril Yue Jones

Above: workers constructing Broad's 30-storey tower last year

Zhang made his estimated $1.2 billion fortune on air conditioning systems before turning his attentions to construction. A passionate environmentalist, he intends to help China build a future of clean air and sustainable living. Even Broad's employees must comply with his vision, abiding by strict guidelines laid out in a manual issued by Zhang that include tips on conserving energy and brushing your teeth.

Perhaps not content with plans to construct the world's tallest building, the company already has its sights on an even more audacious project – a two-kilometre high skyscraper with 636 floors.

We recently reported that nine of the 20 tallest buildings under construction in the world are located in China.

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