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Dezeen's top ten projects at Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show

Dutch Design Week: Dezeen editor Rose Etherington selects her top ten projects from the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show at Dutch Design Week, including a system for decontaminating polluted land using plants and a method for turning debris from demolished buildings into new construction materials (+ slideshow). We'll be running more detailed stories about individual projects in the show over the coming days.

The Academy was in the news earlier this summer when all three heads of the Masters courses resigned over a dispute about educational reform, then returned to their posts after claiming victory a few days later. Chairwoman of the executive board of the Academy Anne Mieke Eggenkamp then stepped down at the end of August but remains in her post until 1 January 2013. Eggenkamp took over the role in 2008 from Li Edelkoort, who published a highly critical open letter about the management of the Academy after the resignations in July.

The show continues at deWitteDame, Design Academy Eindhoven, Emmasingel 14, 5611 AZ Eindhoven as part of Dutch Design Week, which runs until 28 October.