This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

Piles of buildings featured heavily on Dezeen this week, including Edouard François' stack of townhouses, apartment blocks and bungalows (above), plus we've picked out our favourite Dezeen Music Project track of the week.

L’Eau Tonne by young French producer Aimedeuxhaine is a disco-infused dance track that's brimming with soulful melodies and funky bass-lines.

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Peruri 88 by MVRDV, Jerde and Arup

MVRDV's proposed skyscraper for Jakarta that looks like a pile of at least ten separate buildings (above) was our most-commented story, with readers discussing whether the city needs such an icon.

Creative Dismantling by espai MGR

Images of impossible buildings were also on the agenda, including a shape-shifting, exploding hospital (above) and some flying Parisian houses.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science by Morphosis

Meanwhile Morphosis completed a museum of nature and science in Dallas (above) and it was announced that construction will begin next month on the world's tallest building (below), to be completed in just 90 days.

World’s tallest building will be constructed in 90 days

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