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Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

New York studio Ray Kingston Inc. has developed a wireless speaker that you wear over your sneakers.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

The battery-powered Sneaker Speaker is held in place with either one or two straps, which can be moved into different positions around the wearer's ankle.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

The speaker can be paired with other electronic devices such as mobile phones and iPads using bluetooth, but it also comes with an AC input so that it can be connected using a stereo jack when not being worn.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

Sneaker Speaker is the first product from the recently launched studio, which is headed up by concept designer Ray Kingston.

Sneaker Speaker by Ray Kingston Inc.

"These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes," said Kingston. "[They are] a must-have for urban artists and everyone else who believes in the inspirational power of music."

Other audio devices we've featured include a tactile speaker with a fabric control panel and the new Big Jambox designed by Yves Behar for Jawbone.

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Here's a project description from Ray Kingston Inc:

Sneaker Speaker – by Ray Kingston Inc.

The Sneaker Speaker is the first creation within a new trend in which various forms of street-art are combined, both visually as well as musically. This fashionable and unique design speaker is originally developed for providing inspiration during creative processes. Never before were we able to bring our favourite music with us in such a way, that it reflects our identity whilst sharing it with others.

Ray Kingston Inc. is a small New York based design studio, that concentrates on the interplay between fashion (accessories), urban art and music. Our objective is to always keep searching for products that enable its users to show themselves to the world.

Ray Kingston is the founder of the eponymous company, in which he’s also active as concept designer. After spending fourteen years as product designer at Sony's, he recently decided to start his own enterprise. This enabled him to create what he’d been dreaming of for a long time. With his first project he wants to return to his urban roots. Ever since he has been focusing on meeting the needs of everyone who aims to use street-art as a way of expressing emotions, experiences and life struggles.