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Moulton bicycle

Alex Moulton 1920-2012

News: Alex Moulton, the British engineer and designer best known for inventing the small-wheeled Moulton bicycle and the rubber suspension system for the Mini car, has died aged 92.

After an apprenticeship at the Bristol Aeroplane Co during the second world war, Alex Moulton became a consultant for British Motor Corporation.

The rubber suspension system he developed in the 1950s was eventually used in the iconic Mini, which launched in 1959. Moulton's system allowed for the car's small size without compromising on handling and comfort.

Alex Moulton, photo by Bradford on Avon Museum

Above: photograph by Bradford on Avon Museum

In 1964 he launched the Alex Moulton Bicycle (pictured top), which had a small, lightweight frame without a top bar, 16-inch wheels and a rubber suspension system. In 1967, Moulton was forced to sell to rival cycle maker Raleigh, which made Moulton designs until 1974.

After commercial production ended, Moulton continued to produce a small number of the bicycles, which became collectors’ items. He was appointed CBE for services to industry in 1976.

The Moulton Bicycle Company is now run by his great-nephew Shaun.

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