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Steve Jobs yacht free to sail again

Steve Jobs yacht free to sail again

News: the yacht commissioned by Steve Jobs before his death has been cleared to sail again as his family has come to a temporary agreement with French designer Philippe Starck in their dispute over an unpaid design bill.

The lawyer representing Jobs' heirs, Gérard Moussault, said a temporary agreement between the two parties had been reached on Monday.

The ship was impounded in the Netherlands earlier this month after Starck's lawyers claimed he was still owed €3m for his work on the vessel.

Jobs and Starck had reportedly agreed on a payment of €9m for the design work – or 6% of the estimated €150m building costs. However, the Apple co-founder's estate say the designer should receive 6% of the actual total cost, which came in at €105m.

Named Venus, the boat was completed in October, just over a year after Jobs' death.