Autumn/Winter chair with integral blanket by Aga Brzostek

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Autumn/Winter chair by Aga Brzostek

Polish fashion and interior designer Aga Brzostek has created a chair with an integrated blanket for wrapping up warm in winter.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

Aga Brzostek drew from her experience in the fashion industry when creating the chair, shaping the cover like a large jumper and naming it after the Autumn/Winter fashion season.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

"The foundation of it is the cool northern surroundings of where I live," says Brzostek. "Sweater-like elements of the chair can be used as a headrest to create a cozy environment for an evening reading as well as a soft cover for chilly winter nights. "

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

The Krakow-based designer used hard foam for the structure of the chair, covering the seat and backrest in softer foam for comfort and using reclaimed wool for the cover.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

The cover is removable and adjustable, allowing the user to alter the look of the chair to suit their individual preferences, and also features a pocket for magazines or books. Photography is by Marek Kowalski.

Autumn/winter seat by Aga Brzostek

German designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting developed a similar idea in 2011. Her Moody Couch is a sofa with an oversized, duvet-like cover that you can wrap around you. Ernsting later developed an armchair version of the idea, called Moody nest. See our video interview with Ernsting about Moody Couch.

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