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Collection #2 by Colonel

Maison&Objet 2013: French design duo Colonel present furniture inspired by camping at Maison&Objet design fair in Paris, which concludes tomorrow.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: large Dowood lamp

The second collection from Colonel includes the Dowood lamp, which has a metal base and a beech shade painted with bright geometric forms. It comes as a ceiling lamp or a small or large table lamp.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: small Dowood lamp

The Diabolo lamp is available as a tripod, table or ceiling lamp and comprises a metal frame dressed with a gradient-printed fabric shade in mint, blue and pink, or yellow and pink.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Inspired by camping furniture, the beech Pondy table has turquoise crossrails and comes with a bench with yellow crossrails.

Collection #2 by Colonel

The new objects are shown alongside Colonel's first collection, which comprises Faces, a standing lamp with a decagonal fabric shade that tilts like an umbrella, and Caracas, a version of a '60s camping chair that comes in yellow, pink or blue.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: Diabolo table lamp

Colonel was founded by Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet in 2010 and their products are available from their Paris boutique.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: Diabolo tripod lamp

Other products shown at Maison&Objet this year include a family of terracotta pots with rubber lids and a set of cutlery with long, slim handles like chopsticks – see other designs presented at Maison&Objet 2013.

Here's some more information from the designers:

Colonel was born from the meeting between Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet around the famous cocktail made of vermouth and lime ice, in 2010. Their desire is to first draw fresh and contemporary products and furniture.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: Diabolo ceiling lamp

Interested in creation and traditional craftsmanship, Colonel decides to launch a new design furniture and products company while working in parallel on interiors. All the items are designed by Colonel: Isabelle Gilles & Yann Poncelet.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: Pondy table and bench


This new collection as the first collection of Colonel was inspired by outdoor furniture (beach, camping) aesthetics. It is a contemporary re-reading of this universe mixing colours, rhythms and patterns. It is mainly composed of wood, textile materials and surprising colors. The collection evokes summer, relaxation.

Collection #2 by Colonel

Dowood lamp

This raw and sophisticated new lamp is composed of a beech shade and a metal base. Colonel offers three different forms: small and large table lamps and a big ceiling lamp. Dowood lamp is available in seven colour sets. Beech, acrylic painting, metal.

» Small table lamp: Ø 20 cm / H 30 cm
» Medium table lamp: Ø 30 cm / H 25 cm
» Big ceiling lamp: Ø 40 cm / H3 0 cm

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: Faces standing lamp

Pondy table

Colonel creates a table with a raw and minimal appearance, where wood and metal interlock to create a harmonious whole. This table comes with a bench. Its size invites to conviviality. Beech and metal.

» Table: l 160 cm x L 80 cm x H 73 cm (others sizes on request)
» Bench: l 145 cm x L 32 cm x H 46 cm

Collection #2 by Colonel

Diabolo lamp

This lamp is available in different shapes and colour ranges. Gradient fabrics come around the structure like a dress, and then close on it like a hood. Diabolo is available as table lamp and tripod. Colours: mint, blue / pink, yellow / pink. Gradient fabric and metal.

» Tripod lamp: Ø 45 cm / H 110 cm
» Table lamp: Ø 40 cm / H 38 cm
» Ceiling lamp: Ø 45 cm / H 37 cm

Collection #2 by Colonel

Above: Caracas chair

Faces lamp

Faces often changes appearance thanks to its large tilt decagonal shade. It could be compared to an umbrella. The white poliphane inside shade guides light according to his inclination. Beech and Kvadrat fabric.

Dimensions: H158 cm, D36-56 cm

Collection #2 by Colonel

Caracas chair

Inspired by garden furniture, «Caracas» is a very contemporary version of the 60s camping chair. Its large proportions invite to relax, its appearance suggests holidays. Caracas changes his appearence with a new graphic canvas. Yellow/pink/blue fabric - metal.

Size: H 80 cm / L 64 cm / P 53 cm