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This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

This week 3D printing has been in the spotlight on Dezeen, with a boom in demand for 3D-printed sex toys (above) and the race to be first to print an entire building (below). Scroll on for more 3D printing news and our Dezeen Music Project track of the week.

Cloud Armour is a melodic soundscape by Remote Scenes, whose music is also featured on the Seven Designers for Seven Dials movies that we've been publishing all this week on Dezeen.

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Architect explains how he will 3D print a "whole building in one go"

3D-printed outfits were on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week (below) and Nokia became the "first global company to embrace open design".

Voltage by Iris van Herpen with Neri Oxman and Julia Koerner

Meanwhile, American Airlines rattled a few cages by unveiling a new logo (below) and livery for its aircraft and Apple trademarked the design of its stores.

American Airlines debuts new logo and livery

Finally, we compiled the ten tallest skyscrapers completing in 2013 and launched our new Opinion column with a scathing attack on the "Photoshopped incontinence" of sites like Dezeen by Sam Jacob.

Top ten tallest skyscrapers completing in 2013

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