Bone red chair by Soyoon Choi

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Bone chair by Soyoon Choi

Product news: South Korean designer Soyoon Choi has created a wooden lounge chair with armrests inspired by a ribcage.

Bone by Soyoon Choi

Bone by Soyoon Choi is made from beech and painted in a bright shade of red.

Bone by Soyoon Choi

The chair was launched at Seoul Design Festival last December and is available to buy directly from the designer.

Bone by Soyoon Choi

We've featured plenty of wooden chairs lately, including some wonky chairs that look like classic designs when seen from a certain angle and another made from old broom handles – see all chairs.

Bone by Soyoon Choi

Other pieces of South Korean design we've published include storage boxes fastened with duffle coat toggles and hand-made speakers made from ceramic and twigs.

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