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Fanions by Dimitri Bähler, Linn Kandel and Ismaël Studer

The asymmetric fringing on these wool rugs by Swiss designers Dimitri Bähler, Linn Kandel and Ismaël Studer makes them appear to pop out from the floor like drawings of 3D shapes.

Fanions by BKS

Fanions, which means 'fringes' in French, is a collection of rugs intended to look like "extruded 3D shapes", according to designers Dimitri BählerLinn Kandel and Ismaël Studer.

Fanions by BKS

"We used the fringes in a modern and graphical way," they said, adding that the material was cut with a CNC machine.

Fanions by BKS

We featured Bähler's storage set for stationery last December, while two years ago in Cologne we reported on Kandel's tables inspired by electricity pylons.

Fanions by BKS

The rugs were shortlisted in the [D3] Contest for young designers at imm cologne, which was won by Swiss industrial designer Lucien Gumy's interlocking wooden shelving.

Fanions by BKS

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Here's some more information from the designers:

Fanion is a project by Dimitri Bähler, Linn Kandel and Ismaël Studer

The starting point of our project is the traditional rug and its details. Especially the fringes; Fanion in french. For that project, we used the fringes in a modern and graphical way. Their direction creates an illusion. The rugs become extruded 3d shapes.

The felt (made of pure wool) provides the rugs different qualities; the colors are very deep and the material, dense, is easily processed by the cnc cutting machine. Thanks to that material, Fanion gives also a warm atmosphere impression. Simple and direct, Fanion is a contemporary vision of the traditional rugs.