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Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Lighting design classes at the Brandi Institute

Dezeen promotion: lighting designer Ulrike Brandi is offering a series of lighting design classes for students and professionals this year in Hamburg, Germany, including guest lecturers from Snøhetta and MVRDV.

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: Ulrike Brandi's lighting design for Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin
Top: Ulrike Brandi's lighting design at the Blaues Gold Exhibition, Germany

Brandi Institute for Light and Design will hold four classes over the course of 2013, each centred around a different topic.

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: Ulrike Brandi's lighting design for Hamburg Town Hall

The series will begin with Essentials of Light in May, followed by High-performance Energy Buildings in August, then Workplace Design in September and Health, Wellness, Light in November.

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: Ulrike Brandi's lighting design at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Ulrike Brandi has designed lighting schemes for Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg, London's British Museum and Shanghai Pudong Airport, among many other high-profile projects.

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: the Vitra Citizen Office by Sevil Peach, one of the lecturers at the Brandi Institute

Guest lecturers will include Martin Gran of Norwegian architecture practice Snøhetta and Nathalie de Vries of Dutch firm MVRDV.

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: Ulrike Brandi teaching at Boisbuchet in 2012

The courses will take place in Hamburg and will be taught in English. For more information about the courses, fees and dates, and to register to participate visit

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: Ulrike Brandi's lighting master plan for the British Museum in London

Read on for more information from Brandi Institute:


Ulrike Brandi, the internationally renowned lighting designer and author of several standard works, now offers Master Classes in lighting design. The programme is tailored for students and professionals in the field of lighting and architecture. It combines theoretical principles with practical aspects. “We are amidst a technical revolution of light”, Ulrike Brandi states, “especially because of LED and sustainability issues”. At the same time, she analyses, “we lack qualified lighting designers. The education that is generally available lacks practical training, high standards of technical knowledge and human perception. Therefore, we need expert training for working practitioners and new university graduates. That’s exactly what the Brandi Institute for Light and Design will deliver”.

The Institute is independent and not tied to any manufacturers. “We are solely committed to good lighting”, the founder states, “we follow a human-centred design approach which is expressed in a practice-oriented curriculum”.

Each Master Class comprises lectures, workshops and mock-ups over a period of five days. In one of the key teaching modules students will sign a model lighting design contract which will take them through all the stages of a project and define their scope of work. “This way of teaching assures a direct transfer of knowledge and ties it to the questions and challenges of the lighting designers’ everyday work”, Ulrike Brandi says.

Another of the Brandi Institute’s assets is its cooperation with internationally renowned architects, interior designers and lighting designers. These experts from the USA, UK,

Malaysia, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany (for a complete list see below) will provide detailed knowledge and background information on technical and legal matters. Another educational focus lies on excellent interdisciplinary communication skills among the professions, which are essential not only to meet daily challenges but also to deliver work of a high standard.

In 2013 the Institute will kick off with four Master Classes, which will be held in Hamburg. Courses are taught in English. The programme covers a broad spectrum, ranging from artificial lighting, daylight design, masterplan design and electrical engineering to basic project management. After successful participation students obtain a certificate by the Institute.
“The places where courses are held are special and reflect both the programme’s intensity and the fun we will have”, Ulrike Brandi points out. “The venues depend on the topic of each study unit, be it a floating home on the river, an office floor in the city, the hull of a ship or an old warehouse in the port”.

The Brandi Institute for Light and Design will start with four Master Classes in 2013:

Essentials of light - May 2013
High-performance energy buildings - August 2013
Workplace design - September 2013
Health, wellness, light - November 2013

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute

Above: Ulrike Brandi, founder and director of the Brandi Institute

Featured Lecturers

Martin Gran - Snøhetta, Oslo. Snønetta is a worldwide operating architectural practice with headquarters in Oslo. Their renowned projects include the library of Alexandria and the 9/11 Memorial Pavilion in New York City. Snøhetta works in interdisciplinary teams of architects, interior designers, landscape architects and designers.

Ken Yeang - Llewelyn Davies Yeang Architects, London/Kuala Lumpur. Ken Yeang studied architecture at the AA School in London and received his doctorate from Wolfson College, Cambridge University. He is best known for his deep green signature architecture and masterplans that go beyond conventional accreditation systems. He has completed over 200 building projects.

Sevil Peach - SevilPeach Architecture+Design, London. Sevil Peach founded her London-based studio SevilPeach Architecture+Design with Gary Turnbull in 1994. Sevil is known for her expertise in workplace design which she demonstrated in a number of groundbreaking solutions, including offices for Vitra’s Weil am Rhein Campus, Sony, Novartis and Microsoft.

Charles Stone - Fisher Marantz Stone, New York. Charles Stone is president of Fisher Marantz Stone, a Manhattan-based lighting design studio with over 3500 projects worldwide. Charles has designed many award winning and renowned projects. His enthusiasm and success in lighting design has continued to lead him around the globe, speaking at various conferences and universities.

Nathalie de Vries - MVRDV, Rotterdam. Nathalie de Vries is a co-founder of MVRDV, one of the most successful and innovative Dutch architectural practices. MVRDV’s project portfolio includes the Expo 2000 Dutch pavilion in Hanover, the WOZOCO building in Amsterdam and the Mirador skyscraper in Madrid.

Jeff Miller - Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, New York. Jeff Miller’s focus is on the human factors of light. His career in lighting spans over 30 years. He realised projects for the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong and the Manitoba Hydro Place in Winnipeg which is the first LEED certified office building in Canada. Jeff worked closely with different renowned architects like OMA/Rem Koolhaas on the IIT Campus, Chicago, and with SOM on the Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou/China. He has been a featured speaker throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, and served as IALD president from 2008 to 2010.

Ulrike Brandi - Ulrike Brandi Licht, Hamburg. Ulrike Brandi is founder and director of the Brandi Institute. Her lighting design practice Ulrike Brandi Licht has completed more than 800 projects worldwide, including the British Museum in London, the Bank Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Terminal 2 at Munich Airport and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Ulrike Brandi is a frequent lecturer at international venues and has published several books about lighting, daylighting and lighting for cities.

For more information on lecturers and courses please visit our website at www.brandi- or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Ulrike Brandi has gained teaching experience at the universities of Braunschweig and Düsseldorf, workshops at the AA in London, the University of Beijing and in Boisbuchet, France. She has written several standard works on lighting design, including Lightbook (2001), Light for Cities (2002) and Lighting Design: Principles, Implementation, Case Studies (2006).

Exceptional projects designed by her practice Ulrike Brandi Licht include lighting concepts for: Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - Berlin, 2012, Natural History Museum - Paris, 1996, Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall - Hamburg, from 2008, Mercedes Benz Museum - Stuttgart, 2008, Bank Negara - Kuala Lumpur, 2011, Terminal II, Airport - Munich, 2004, Lighting Masterplan - Rotterdam, 2010, Pudong Airport - Shanghai, 2009.

Register for lighting design classes at Brandi Institute