Lorry redesigned to prevent cycling accidents

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Safer Urban Lorry by London Cycling Campaign

Lorry redesigned to prevent cyclist deaths

News: a London cycling organisation has come up with a concept for a lorry with no blindspot to reduce the number of cyclists killed in collisions.

The Safer Urban Lorry would have a lower cab and larger windows than most trucks, allowing the driver to spot cyclists and pedestrians in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

Safer Urban Lorry by London Cycling Campaign

With the additional help of a 360 degree camera, the design would eliminate the driver's blindspot and reduce the likelihood of the lorry crushing a cyclist as it makes a left turn – the cause of most fatal cycling collisions in London.

Reducing the gap between the underside of the lorry and the ground would also help to push cyclists away in the event of a collision, rather than dragging them underneath the wheels.

Safer Urban Lorry by London Cycling Campaign

According to the London Cycling Campaign, the organisation behind the design, lorries make up 5% of the traffic in Greater London but are involved in half the cyclist deaths. A large proportion of pedestrian fatalities in cities also involve lorries.

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Safer Urban Lorry by London Cycling Campaign

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