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Apple's new television to come with "iRing" controller

Apple's new television rumoured to come with "iRing" controller

News: the highly anticipated Apple television is set to launch later this year and will be operated with a digital "iRing" worn on the finger, according to an industry insider.

Top image: an independent concept for an iRing, designed by Victor Sot in 2007

After meeting with Apple suppliers in China and Taiwan, analyst Brian White told AppleInsider magazine that he expects a product promising to "revolutionise the TV experience forever" to be officially launched later this year.

The ring-shaped accessory is thought to operate as a "navigation pointer", taking on some of the functionality of a standard remote control and featuring integrated motion detection. White also thinks it will be accompanied by a small iPad-sized screen, which will combine security, telephone and video-conferencing functions.

The news follows earlier rumours that Apple is developing a smart-watch, dubbed the "iWatch", which would work in conjunction with an iPhone.

Other wearable technologies have also been crowding the news recently, with the relaunch of the UP wristband and the mounting anticipation for the Google Glass headset. In last week's column, Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs wrote how wearable technology is set to "transform our understanding of ourselves" and "make us better, healthier people".

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