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Ronde Pendant by Oliver Schick for GUBI

Product news: these pendant lamps by German designer Oliver Schnick have raised collars that direct light up to the ceiling as well as down to the floor.

Ronde lamps by Oliver Schick for GUBI

The Ronde Pendant, for Danish brand GUBI, was designed by Oliver Schick with a protruding lip as a subtle addition to the traditional pendant shape.

"Only minor changes or unexpected details are needed to give a product a lively character, which sparks the associations and emotions of the user" said Schick.

Ronde lamps by Oliver Schick for GUBI

The designer used hand-turned aluminium to form the rounded shape of the lamp, then named it Ronde, a word associated with circles and rotation.

The surface is coated with an matte lacquer to give it a ceramic-like finish.

Ronde lamps by Oliver Schick for GUBI

Ronde Pendant is available in two sizes and comes in either white, red, light grey, dark grey or black.

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Ronde lamps by Oliver Schick for GUBI

GUBI sent us the following text:

With its simple yet lively expression The Ronde Pendant has all the qualities of becoming a future design classic and is sure to spark the interest of most design enthusiasts around the globe. Oliver Schick’s modern take on the classic pendant is his first product for GUBI and will be launched in 2013.

The bell-shaped piece has reference to the traditional pendant lamp and the heyday of 1970s lightning design; however, in a modern interpretation. The unique detail of the opening on the top with an overhanging collar, bring forth associations of a jar such as vase or amphora. The hand-turned aluminum lamp shade with an ultramatt lacquer almost makes it look as if it was made of ceramics. The Ronde Pendant comes in two sizes and will available in five colors: Matt white, Rusty Red, Pigeon Grey, Anthracite og Charcoal Black.