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Who's Next by Marco Ripa

Product news: magazines can be arranged at awkward angles within this sculptural magazine rack by Italian designer Marco Ripa.

Who's next magazine rack by Marco Ripa

Assembled from steel rods, the Who's Next magazine rack comprises a cube-shaped frame with an additional rectangle dissecting its centre.

"It's based on the overlapping of a cube and a parallelepiped," explains Marco Ripa. "We are able to see only the essential structure, just what is necessary to create the shape, in a positive-negative game where you can't tell what there is and what there is not."

Who's next magazine rack by Marco Ripa

Magazines can be slotted between the two forms, or fanned out across the base.

Each piece is hand made and finished in a white powder coating.

Who's next magazine rack by Marco Ripa

Other magazine racks featured on Dezeen include one inspired by the crates used to store old vinyl records and one integrated with the arm of a chair.

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