Silt tea set by VW+BS

Product news: this stackable tea set by architect VW+BS is made of unglazed clay that's meant to soften the taste of whatever you drink from it.

dezeen_Silt tableware by VW+ES_7

The Silt range is made of twice-fired unglazed purple clay, which is commonly used in China to make intricate tea pots for serving green tea.

Silt tableware by VW+BS

"The unglazed material has the effect of softening the taste of the water in the same way as activated charcoal," said VW+BS. "This occurs whether you are serving tea, coffee water or wine."

Silt tableware by VW+BS

The collection comprises seven items, including a large jug, small jug, bowl and four cups. There's also a lid that fits any of the pieces.

Fifty sets will be made at Taiwanese company Lin’s Ceramics Studio, each with a slightly different finish.

Silt tableware by VW+BS

VW+BS will show the Silt collection in September at both designjunction in London, where they will also design the seminar space, and 100% Design Singapore, where VW+BS is creative director for the second year.

Silt tableware by VW+BS

Other projects by VW+BS on Dezeen include wire and concrete seating and an office building for Singapore that resembles a giant periscope.

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