This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

Back to printing again this week on Dezeen, as an inkjet printer that eats its way down a stack of paper (pictured) was revealed and the world's first architectural structure using standard 3D printers was completed. Click through for more highlights and our Dezeen Music Project track of the week.

Her Lips is a dark, brooding electronica track by a Munich-based producer called Berunto.

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London's largest living wall designed to reduce urban flooding.

In the news, London's largest living wall containing over 10,000 plants was designed to combat flooding in the British capital and a residential development by Richard Rogers in the city's Mayfair area was granted approval.

National Shooting Centre in Rio de Janeiro by BCMF Arquitetos

Looking ahead to major sporting events in Brazil, we published a renovated stadium in Belo Horizonte for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the revamped shooting centre to be used during the Rio de Janiero 2016 Olympic Games.

Caja Oscura with a lifting roof by Javier Corvalán

We featured two moving buildings: a house with a roof that lifts up like a lid and a structure the folds out to provide seating for an outdoor theatre.

Torquay House by Wolveridge Architects

Our most popular posts were a pair of Australian houses by Wolveridge Architects - one with all its fenestration behind louvred shutters and another that has small windows scattered across the facade.

Blairgowrie House by Wolveridge Architects