Impasto by Nikolaj Steenfatt

Copenhagen designer Nikolaj Steenfatt has created a range of pendant lights, chairs and stools made from coffee granules, sawdust and animal glues (+ slideshow).

Impasto chair by Nikolaj Steenfatt

Graduate designer Steenfatt created a biodegradable composite which he calls Impasto after the painting technique of applying thick layers of paint.

He makes it by mixing waste materials including sawdust, wood chippings and animal glues with water and coloured pigments. The mixture is made into a dough, pressed, rolled and folded into flat sheets, and then vacuum-formed to create the range of chairs, stools and pendants.

"The development of the production process is driven by an idea of creating a process that is adaptable to the industry, but has a unique output as if it was handmade," said Steenfatt.

Impasto by Nikolaj Steenfatt

The project was based on sustainable materials research."This led to experiments with different natural fibres and binders, with the aim of creating a new material that is biodegradable, easy to work with and simple to understand," Steenfatt explained.

Impasto pendants by Nikolaj Steenfatt

During the production process, the coloured pigments are only partially mixed in, making each sheet unique.

Impasto by Nikolaj Steenfatt
Rolling out the Impasto material

Steenfatt completed the Impasto project whilst studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design.

Here's a movie showing the making process:

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Impasto by Nikolaj Steenfatt
Mixing pigments

Photographs are by the designer.