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"I'm working with five architects at a time" - Kanye West

"I'm working with five architects at a time" - Kanye West

News: rapper Kanye West has revealed he is frustrated he's not taken seriously as a "real designer" and that he plans to move into architecture.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1 last night, West spoke to DJ Zane Lowe about how he wants to expand his creative field beyond music and fashion.

"I want to do product, I am a product person," said West. "Not just clothing but water bottle design, architecture... I make music but I shouldn't be limited to once place of creativity."

The interview was originally intended to be about his latest album Yeezus but West spoke about his creative passions and ambition throughout: "I hang around architects mostly," he said. "People that wanna make things as dope as possible."

"I'm learning what I want," he said. "This is the reason why I'm working with five architects at a time. The time spent in a bad apartment, I can't get that back. But the education I can get from working on it is priceless."

Air Yeezy trainers by Kanye West for Nike
Air Yeezy trainers by Kanye West for Nike

West has already established himself as a fashion designer, having released his Air Yeezy trainers for Nike in 2009 and showed his DW Kanye West womenswear collections at Paris Fashion Week. "I spend 80% of my time on [fashion design] and 20% of my time on music," he explained.

He said he started designing trainers at the age of five: "I've got a very particular specific take on men's footwear. No one can say I can't design or don't know how to design a guy's sneaker."

However, West was disappointed Nike didn't extend his trainer line after 2011 even though pairs of his Air Yeezy trainers "eBayed for $90,000". He also claimed to be knocked back by Fendi after taking his designs for tight leather trousers to the Italian fashion house.

West vented his frustration that as a musician he is not taken seriously in the fashion world. "I'm so frustrated," he said. "I've got ideas on colour palettes, I've got ideas on silhouettes. I've got a million people telling me why I can't do it, that I'm not a real designer."

He spoke of his resentment that musicians' forays into fashion design are limited to tour paraphernalia. "We're making product with chitlin'. T-shirts, that's the most we can make. T-shirts. We can have our best perspective on T-shirts but anything else and your Truman Show boat is hitting the wall."

Seven-screen pavilion by OMA for Kanye West

Design collaborations he mentioned included his Watch the Throne tour set design with production designer Es Devlin and the pyramid-shaped cinema by architects OMA, where his first short film was screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Last week graphic designer Peter Saville disclosed he is working on a new visual identity for West, saying the rapper "wants me to do a YSL".

West announced he was to launch his own design company named DONDA early last year and hoped to assemble a team of architects, designers and directors to work with him.

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