Cotto 2014 Italia tile collection

COTTO unveils 2014 tile collection

Dezeen promotion: Thai tile brand COTTO has launched its latest range of faux marble and straited tiles first unveiled at the Cersaie ceramics show in Bologna, Italy, in September.

Cotto 2014 Italia tile collection
MG Stone - Eramo Series

The 2014 COTTO Italia Collection includes ceramic tiles that can be used on the floor and walls.

Four new tiles feature patterns based on cliff faces, rare marbles, basalt of Mount Versuvius and tropical wood - all in a selection of colours.

Cotto 2014 Italia tile collection
Balza series

COTTO showed the range at the Cersaie trade show in September and has since made the full range available to order. For more details about COTTO and its products, visit the website here.

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COTTO unveils 2014 Tile Collection at Cersaie 2013 to win hearts of customers from around the world

COTTO once again underlined its international status as a "world-class Thai brand" at the prestigious Cersaie 2013 event recently organised in Bologna, Italy. Cersaie 2013 or the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings is a world-class event held annually. It is participated by world's leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles and bathroom products. COTTO has been an important part of this annual exposition for almost a decade now.

Cotto 2014 Italia tile collection
Balza series

This year, COTTO proudly presented its 2014 COTTO Italia Collection which comprised the following four new tile series.

» Balza series: tiles which have inspiration from a rock-hard cliff, representing borderless freedom and adventures of living in nature

» Senso di Marmo series: tiles that recall the best selection of magnificent and rare marble from around the world

» Neo Basalt series: tiles which gain inspiration from the ancient city of Pompeii which was devoured by layers of volcanic basalt from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and inspired new designs to reflect modern architectural trends

» Famiglia dei Legni series: tiles inspired by different wood patterns which vary significantly in different world regions

Cotto 2014 Italia tile collection
Famiglia dei Legni series (tiles) and Reminescence series (fittings)

This years event was also the first Cersaie in which COTTO displayed a comprehensive range of products including tiles, sanitary ware and faucets. Highlights of the COTTO booth this year included the following distinctively designed innovations.

» MG Stone: Palizza Series and Eramo Series – new collections of faux marble used to create decorative walls and countertops, as well as, matching washbasins.

» Himmapan Series faucets – the design of which has been inspired by mythical birds of the Himmapan Forest which are mentioned in many famous pieces of eastern literature.

» Mass Man Made Series and Reminescences Series – these new collections of water closets, bidets and faucets are specifically designed to represent the beauty of natural rock and wood, as well as, to meet the lifestyle demands of western markets.

All of the new COTTO products displayed at this year's Cersaie earned considerable interest, and these new products will be available in their target markets early next year.

Cotto 2014 Italia tile collection
Famiglia dei Legni series

This year's COTTO booth features the concept of UrbanEast – depicting an oriental way of life and incorporates the Spirit of the East in its core design. The theme colours of gold and copper, as well as, wood-like patterns also add to the ambience of the East.

Cersaie is an annual world-class exposition of ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings and it is attended by top manufacturers from around the world who come to exhibit their latest technology and innovations. The event also serves as a great platform for manufacturers to meet high-potential buyers, distributors, architects, designers and marketers across the globe.

In the last seven years, COTTO has emerged as a reliable brand which is known for launching new trends. The brand has been constantly innovating and improving upon its existing line of designs to appeal to a larger client base. It has earned international accolades for the same.