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FLAXX chairs competition

Competition: three FLAXX chairs to be won

Competition: Dezeen has teamed up with Intier Automotive Eybl to give readers the chance to win one of three chairs moulded from flax.

Congratulations to the winners! Bettina Lörincz from Germany, Jesse Green from the USA and Keil McConville from France all won a FLAXX Chair.

The FLAXX Chair by Austrian designer Martin Mostböck has a seat shell made from natural flax fibres taken from linseed crops, which are moulded into a three-dimensional form by pressing multiple layers of the material.

FLAXX chairs competition

All four legs are connected at the front of the chair, so the seat and backrest are cantilevered. This form allows the chairs to neatly stack on top of each other.

Available in a range of colours, the pictured model with a sand seat and white frame will be received by winners of this competition. For more information about the design visit the FLAXX website or check out the company on Facebook.

FLAXX chairs competition

This competition is now closed. You need to subscribe to our newsletter to have a chance of winning. Sign up here.

FLAXX chairs competition

Three winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners' names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeen Mail newsletter and at the top of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

FLAXX chairs competition

Here's some more information from Intier Automotive Eybl:

The FLAXX Chair is a hybrid design which offers the comfort of a free-swinging chair as well as the functionality of a conventional four-legged chair. The novel structure of the support frame and the combination of advantages from both designs is a contemporary interpretation in both form and function. The seat shell is made from natural fibre mats, which are moulded into a stable three-dimensional form by pressing multiple layers of the material. The mats predominantly consist of flax, an annually renewable raw material, and are held together by textile polypropylene as an adhesive.

The seat shell and frame are made of 100 percent recyclable materials. The FLAXX chair is part of permanent collection of the Design Museum Holon/Tel Aviv and the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art – MAK in Vienna.