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TAF designs light shaped like a poster tube for Zero

Stockholm 2014: architecture studio TAF has designed a light that resembles a poster tube for Swedish brand Zero.

Revealed at this year’s Stockholm Furniture and Northern Light Fair, TAF's Poster light is designed to look like the kind of ordinary cardboard tube used to protect posters and other documents. The LED strip light even includes the ridges and cap found on a poster tube.

Poster lamp by TAF for Zero

"For a long time we have been interested in transforming universal and general products into something new and unique," said TAF designer and co-founder Mattias Ståhlbom.

Poster lamp by TAF for Zero

"For us, keeping the aesthetic reference to something that we all can relate to is a way of making the objects more easily adopted," he added. "We also found it interesting to work with the pipes concept because these kind of lamps are often hung from ceilings which have lots of existing pipes, like drainage and ventilation and so on."

The Poster light is made from extruded aluminium and comes in black, white and the colour of cardboard.

Poster lamp by TAF for Zero

This is not the first time TAF, founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom in 2002 and based in Stockholm, has taken inspiration from cardboard. Last year they created offices for a Stockholm branding and design agency with walls that look like cardboard boxes.

Neither are unusual strip lights a first for Zero: in 2012 Swedish firm Note Design Studio were inspired by a circus trapeze to create pendent lamps for the brand and in 2011 TAF themselves designed strip lights based on the shape of a stretched rubber band for the company.