Glass rings stack to form Pi-no Pi-no vases by Maija Puoskari

Sections of these glass vases by Finnish designer Maija Puoskari can be stacked and swapped to create different vessels for flowers.

Pino Pino vases by Maija Puoskari

Maija Puoskari worked with fellow designer Tuukka Tujula to create a range of vases formed from a series of stackable glass rings.

Pino Pino vases by Maija Puoskari_2

The rings can be interchanged to alter the height and colours of the Pi-no Pi-no vases, so they can accommodate flowers of different sizes and hues.

Pino Pino vases by Maija Puoskari_3

"When receiving flowers one often has just the wrong vase," said the designer. "The glass vase Pi-no Pi-no offers a solution to this problem with its modifiability."

Pino Pino vases by Maija Puoskari_4

Each cylindrical vase starts with a curved-bottomed base, then further sections of various heights can be slotted onto the tops as high as needed to hold the flower stem.

Pino Pino vases by Maija Puoskari_5

The glassware comes in a range of opacities, colours and patterns. A wooden part that fits onto the top of the glass pieces turns the vessels into containers.