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London's bread-shaped skyscrapers unveiled on first day of April

News: plans have been revealed this morning for a series of loaf-shaped skyscrapers to accompany the Cheesegrater, Can of Ham, Toast Rack and Gherkin buildings in central London.

Property developer British Land has released proposals for a 240-metre tower featuring a photovoltaic crust, nicknamed "The Slice of Bread", while bread company Warburtons has revealed a pair of twin towers, known as "The Loaf", to sandwich Norman Foster's Gherkin.

The plans are likely to fuel reports that London's skyline is beginning to resemble "the Ploughman's Lunch".

Warbutons bread-shaped skyscraper for London
This image: The Loaf for Warbutons. Main image: Slice of Bread for British Land

British Land's proposal previously went stale when it was halted in 2012, but chief executive Chris Grigg says things are back on track. "Obviously we are still in the proofing stage, but we think this would be an excellent site for the building, sandwiched between our own Cheesegrater and the Gherkin and in very close proximity to the proposed Toast Rack at 40 Leadenhall Street."

"London real estate is on a roll and we're pleased to be looking at an even bigger slice of the action when it comes to premium buildings in London," he said.

Architectural consultants M. Brioche & Rye added: "This is just what London has been kneading - a beautiful building rising up as a glowing tribute to the City. The design is aspirational, yet recognising its location between the Gherkin and Cheesegrater, carefully develops the interplay between the vegetable and functional."