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Icelandic landscapes influence pair of tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir

Icelandic designer Thorunn Hannesdottir used materials and colours influenced by the dramatic landscape of her home country to create this pair of tables topped with concrete and aluminium.

Presented at the Design March festival in Reykjavík earlier this year, the Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir comprise thin steel bases and tops cast from aluminium and concrete.

Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir for Faerid

"I wanted to create a table with a contrasting architectural materials," Hannesdottir told Dezeen. "I had a vision of using raw heavy materials for the top with contrasting delicate aesthetics for the legs."

Created for Icelandic design brand Faerid, the tables have rough heavy tops intended to emulate rocky scenery.

Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir for Faerid

The steel bases are coated in pastel-coloured plastic, chosen to echo the hues of plants found on the north Atlantic island.

"The colours chosen for the tables are found in Icelandic fauna," said the designer. "They play with the hardness of the flowing aluminium and cement used to represent different types of lava and rock formations in Iceland."

Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir for Faerid

The concrete is reinforced with steel bars so it can take the weight of a person and be used as a stool as well as a table.

"The aluminium in the table top is completely unprocessed after it is cast," Hannesdottir explained. "Each top is cast by hand and the moulds are made of sand. Therefore each time it is cast the aluminium creates individual marbling effect almost like an individual fingerprint."

Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir for Faerid

Both the materials are cast by local craftsmen and everyone involved in the manufacture works within five kilometres of one another.

"Behind each table there is a list of Icelandic craftsmanship," said Hannesdottir. "The tabletops are cast in Iceland and the frames are all made by hand by a small family-run blacksmiths."

Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir for Faerid

The bases are formed from a series of horizontal, vertical and diagonal steel bars that create geometric patterns on three sides.

One side is left open so the smaller table can nest inside the larger design, to save space when not in use. The Berg tables can used both indoors or outdoors.

Berg tables by Thorunn Hannesdottir for Faerid

The designs were presented at this year's Design March festival, which took place from 27 to 30 March.