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Tim Defleur folds a single steel sheet to form PLI & CO lamp

French designer Tim Defleur has created a table lamp from a single sheet of folded steel that forms the base and shade.

Pli & Co Lamp by Tim Defleur

Defleur designed the PLI & CO lamp to demonstrate that just one material is required to make a product that is strong, elegant and affordable.

Pli & Co Lamp by Tim Defleur

"I found a way to make something stable, the easiest and cheapest way as possible but still with a strong personality," Defleur told Dezeen. "In these times of economic crisis, I think it's relevant."

Pli & Co Lamp by Tim Defleur

The lamp's form features a curving back section that creates a stable base and transitions into a hood-like shade, which leans forward to direct light from the bulb onto the table surface.

Pli & Co Lamp by Tim Defleur

The steel sheet is folded sharply where the base meets the shade and a hole in the joint on one side accommodates the socket for a standard E14 light bulb.


Defleur explained that the idea was developed during a process of experimentation with paper forms and added that paper models were used to refine the shape.

"I spend a lot of my time randomly experimenting with materials and processes like foldings and twisting," said the designer. "The idea for this lamp came from these kind of experimentation sessions."

Pli & Co Lamp by Tim Defleur

Steel was chosen over materials such as plastic as it offered the necessary strength and weight. The material is first bent on a mould to create the sharp fold and then formed over another mould to produce the curving shapes.

The socket and a couple of quick welds where the base meets the shade hold the steel together.

Pli & Co Lamp by Tim Defleur
Concept diagram of PLI & CO lamp

Each lamp is painted a single colour to emphasise the minimal use of materials and is embellished by a contrasting colourful electrical cord.